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Guide to Measure Googe Adwords Campaign Analysis Data

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Google Adwords campaign
Whenever we want to research for information or services on the internet, we open a search engine page, like Google, and we type the words that refer to what we are looking for.

Most of the times when results are listed, we notice that the very first ones are “sponsored links”. These links are advertisements, which are identified through Google Adwords, an advertisement service provided by Google in order to help you market your products and services on its search engine and affiliate websites.

But how does it work and how much does it cost?

Once you create an ad, you need to identify which are the words that you want to be related to it. Then, every time visitors search for phrases or keywords that you have linked to your offer, your ad will be shown to them at the top of the page, as a “sponsored link”. As the payment system is called “Pay per click”, you will only pay for that advertisement if visitors click on the same. This way, you can bid for series of phrases or keywords, but you will pay only for the successful ones.

As a marketer, you need to identify whether visitors come to your website just to collect information (“browsing traffic”) or if they come looking for specific products and services. Google Adwords helps you identify and differentiate these segments of visitor, impacting directly on your website’s revenue.

Moreover, researches indicate that 87% of people who are researching through search engines do not scan past their first page. Google Adwords allows you to decide in which page of search you want your ad to be shown. You can even choose in which order you want your ad to appear, to increase its effectiveness, once visitors are more likely to click on ads that are placed on the top of search page.

Analyzing data from Google Adwords

Internet is the best medium to measure advertisement effectiveness. Marketers need to analyze data of every single online advertisement and for that they need to extract the data from their Google Adwords account to a MS Excel spreadsheet. Tatvic’s Excel Plugin for Google Adwords simplifies this step of data extraction from Google Adwords, saving tons of time for marketers/analysts. It can really make maketers’ lives easier by:

  • Extracting data from multiple accounts simultaneously. There is no need to extract data separately from different accounts.
  • Updating data with changed parameters by “Single click on refresh”.
  • Sharing saved query with your team members, so that they won’t need to spend extra time to generate the same queries again.
  • Being compatible with MAC and DFP.
Tutorial video of Excel Plugin for Google Adwords

Through this video, we explain how to use Tatvic’s Excel Plugin for Google Adwords. Once you have the plugin installed in your computer, this “how to” video will teach you its very first steps, like opening MS Excel and logging in, and its features.

If you need any further information related to this tool, please feel free to contact me!

Would you like to reduce the amount of time you usually spend on data extraction from your Google Analytics / Google Adwords account? We think you may like to watch our Webinar – How to simplify and automate data extraction process using Tatvic Excel Plugin. Watch the Replay Now!

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Jinal S Shah is a GAIQ certified professional and works as a CSM at Tatvic Analytics. She has worked intensively in the digital domain, software development. Her interests lies in traveling, crafting 3D murals, paintings, and reading magazines.

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