E-commerce strategy : How to choose between mobile website and native app

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Making an appropriate choice between mobile websites and mobile apps is

dependent on a simple factor – your business objective.

For a business, where the prime goal is to acquire mobile traffic, a mobile website would suffice. However, in scenarios where the aim is to target customer specific ads/offers, one should opt for mobile app.

A mobile website is ideal for establishing a mobile web existence whereas

mobile app can be used for developing special purpose applications that

cannot be designed using a web browser.

It is important to identify your requirements before investing on mobile

websites or mobile apps.The best is to evaluate your business against budget, revenue, target

audience and intended features for determining the suitability of mobile


For retailers that have lots of android users, the fact that conversion rate from the app could be higher makes a strong argument for creating a native app.

In the upcoming week’s webinar, we would go through the pros and cons of both the

approaches. We would talk about a broad category of e-commerce requirements

and figure out what fits best : mobile app or mobile website.

Kushan Shah

Kushan Shah

Kushan is a Web Analyst at Tatvic. His interests lie in getting maximum insights out of raw data using R and Python. He is also the maintainer of the RGoogleAnalytics library. When not analyzing data, he reads Hacker News.

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