Dynamic Funnel in Google Analytics

Since the launch of Google Analytics API, we hear many applications and mashups being built around it using it in a multitude of ways.

One such usage of Google Analytics API is Dynamic Funnel Dashboard based on Tatvic Excel Add-in. It uses the Previous and Next page functions of API.

Google Analytics Funnels — Why one would require this Analysis?

  • This Analysis Dashboard generates dynamic funnels in MS Excel on the fly even if you haven’t set any funnel in Google Analytics admin settings.
  • The Dynamic Funnel Dashboard provides visits to pages that visitors have traversed in the form of a funnel.
  • Moreover, it also provides popular sources of inflow and outflow traffic to any given step in the funnel.
  • A brilliant addition to this entire integration is the ability to apply Advance Segmentation to funnel data.

To illustrate how useful this can be, here’s a screenshot showing the dynamic funnels in action:

Google Analytics Funnel

Dynamic Funnel Dashboard update steps
You can simply punch in the input parameters as shown in the screenshot after Registering for Tatvic Google Analytics Excel Add-in.

After defining the profiles, dates, & path users just need to hit refresh and wait for data to get collected.

Have fun, update data of your e-commerce shopping funnel, or identify visitor movements on articles of your Content site. We are all ears to your Suggestions, comments & feedback : )



Rakesh Makhija is Analytics Consultant at Tatvic. He handles key accounts of Tatvic and provides consulting. He continuously tries to implement new ideas and present actionable insights in form of simple and powerful visualization methods out of data analysis.
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