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Dynamic Funnel in Google Analytics

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Since the launch of Google Analytics API, we hear many applications and mashups being built around it using it in a multitude of ways.

One such usage of Google Analytics API is Dynamic Funnel Dashboard based on Tatvic Excel Add-in. It uses the Previous and Next page functions of API.

Google Analytics Funnels — Why one would require this Analysis?

  • This Analysis Dashboard generates dynamic funnels in MS Excel on the fly even if you haven’t set any funnel in Google Analytics admin settings.
  • The Dynamic Funnel Dashboard provides visits to pages that visitors have traversed in the form of a funnel.
  • Moreover, it also provides popular sources of inflow and outflow traffic to any given step in the funnel.
  • A brilliant addition to this entire integration is the ability to apply Advance Segmentation to funnel data.

To illustrate how useful this can be, here’s a screenshot showing the dynamic funnels in action:

Google Analytics Funnel

Dynamic Funnel Dashboard update steps
You can simply punch in the input parameters as shown in the screenshot after Registering for Tatvic Google Analytics Excel Add-in.

After defining the profiles, dates, & path users just need to hit refresh and wait for data to get collected.

Have fun, update data of your e-commerce shopping funnel, or identify visitor movements on articles of your Content site. We are all ears to your Suggestions, comments & feedback : )

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Aditi Buch

Aditi is the Head of Marketing at Tatvic Analytics and looks after all marketing & communications for the team. Her focus is on increasing brand awareness of Tatvic and leveraging the same to build thought leadership in the Data & Analytics space. For any queries or need of information on Tatvic Analytics & our offerings, reach out to her and she'll put you in touch with the right people.

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