Analytics, Landing Page optimization – Help! Help!

Launching Help.

After launching Excel Plug-ins for Google Analytics And Google Adwords, and helping a number of Businesses around the world improve their Conversions / Sales / Revenues, we are confident that we can solve really difficult problems. 🙂

So launching Help. We want to help everyone who finds problems on regular basis by optimizing their sites.

Send any queries/problems/hiccups you find regarding these topics and we’ll answer them:

1. Google analytics – implementation, optimization, reporting, data processing, features :), support

2. Landing pages / Websites – optimization, improvement, elements (call-to-action, headlines), a/b tests, multivariate tests!

3. Dashboards: We are building a series of dashboards including much-awaited features in our excel plug-ins (e.g. data from AdSense, Twitter, and Facebook in excel). We would love to hear from you about what you want !!

Send your queries through any of these mediums:

Twitter: send as tweets to @tatvic, use the #th tag(Tatvic help). Follow us on Twitter.

Facebook: Good option if your question can’t fit in 140 characters or you have any attachments. Join us on Facebook.

Looking forward to queries / problems / suggestions / comments.


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