Google Optimize 360 vs Optimizely vs VWO: Through an Infographic

There are few popular A/B Testing and Personalization tools in the market that truly stand up to the users’ expectations and provide a complete platform to plan, execute, test and monitor experiments. Enhancing user journey is a talk of the town these days and Google Optimize 360 is the newest entrant making it’s way up to businesses who are on the lookout to personalize their users’ journey on website through targeted testing. In this post, we have drawn up a comparison between Google Optimize 360 and two other historically popular A/B Testing tools Optimizely and VWO. We hope this helps you understand these tools a little better and gives you an insights as to what Google Optimize 360 can do for you.

infographic - Google Optimize 360

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Google Optimize 360 vs Optimizely vs VWO: Through an Infographic by
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Sasibhushan M

Sasibhushan M

Sasi is a certified Google Analytics consultant at Tatvic and has keen interest building deep-dive data analysis. He loves gaming and is an avid player of chess and Rubik's cube, Sasi is a computer science graduate and holds a post graduation degree in Behavioral Intelligence from IIM.

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