Scoring Lead Propensity, Thinking Beyond Obvious!


November 11, 2021 04:00 PM IST


Expert Level


Marketing, Analytics, Data Science, AI & ML and Digital Transformation teams

About This Webinar

Propensity modelling has quickly risen to prominence as a ‘predictive’ tool in the last few years. It’s true that propensity models can be powerful marketing tools, however, if built in a traditional statistical fashion, the accuracy of outcomes isn’t always high! 

Join, AI & ML experts from Dataiku and Tatvic Analytics for a one of its kind webinar where they discuss the Traditional Vs Modern approach to propensity modelling. They would also provide you with a deep dive into Tatvic-Dataiku’s proprietary ‘Lead Scoring’ model and how can you make it work to your advantage. 

As a webinar attendee, you’ll have the opportunity to measure up and discover your roadmap to data-driven marketing maturity via a breakthrough framework created by Google & the Boston Consulting Group (BCG).

Key Takeaway Points

  • Opportunity to access and get a road map to digital maturity


Tarun Lalwani  Lead Partner Solution Architect (India) at Dataiku

Tarun is a Sales Engineer and Solution Architect from Dataiku with over 20 years of consulting and solution design experience. Tarun has worked closely with partners across Indian and APAC to enable Enterprise AI across organizations and has been instrumental in facilitating enterprise sales across various industries including Banking and Finance, Logistics, and Insurance. In the past, Tarun has worked in key roles of consulting and implementation with premier SI organizations like Capgemini and Global Enterprises like VFS Global.


Bismayy Mohapatra Bismayy leads the Solutions vertical at Tatvic

His team of developers, cloud engineers, data scientists, and product managers build and market SaaS products like Badger, Tagmate, PredictN, Pipestream to name a few. He consults enterprise customers on their digital analytics and marketing practices to meet their business goals. Outside work, he is an avid backpacker and loves to play and follow football.

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