Predict Your App Uninstalls and Prevent your Churning Users using Machine Learning
June 20, 2017 08:30 PM IST

Intermediate Level


Product Managers, App Marketers, Business Analysts

About This Webinar

Google Playstore boasts of 1 mn downloads of your app. But you are losing more than 50% of your users in the first month. Hence you track your app uninstalls regularly on your analytics tools (say Google Analytics, Firebase, Localytics). You send out promotional emails to churned users and wait for them to re-install your app.

Wait, why not just predict who is going to Uninstall your app within the next 7 days and prevent him from Churning?

Learn how to approach this uninstall problem using Machine Learning Prediction Models.

Key Takeaway Points

In this 45 minute interactive session with Bismayy Mohapatra, you’ll learn how to:

Predict with accuracy which app user is going to uninstall your app within the next ‘n’ days
Segment your high probable churning app users and retain them


Get to know your high probable churning app users and ensure you don’t lose them by pushing them personalized notifications and marketing offers. Join Bismayy and take the advantage of Machine Learning Uninstall Prediction Model to help solve your uninstall woes.

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Bismayy Mohapatra

Bismayy is a Product Manager at Tatvic. He has developed Badger, an intelligent insights generation engine powered by Machine Learning. He is working with team to develop PredictN, an automated prediction SaaS platform for businesses to boost their marketing RoI. He applies R, Python, Cloud Prediction models to help clients make sense of their digital analytics data. He loves playing and following football.

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