Optimize Your Website and Mobile App Features with Markov Modeling and Increase Your Conversion Rates


September 19, 2017 08:30 PM IST


Beginner Level


Product managers , Web Analyst, Digital Marketing Managers, Conversion Optimization Consultant/ Specialist

About This Webinar

We talk about multi channel attribution to understand the impact of every marketing channel (organic, paid medium, social) that helps attract visitors to your website. Once the visitor arrives, you want to record the full event journey of them and analyze what features on your website/app actually led/assisted them in conversion. If you are a product manager and a marketer, you must have already tried your hand at solving the puzzles.

Let’s talk about the case on the website/ app features. You have all the visitor data in your analytics platform (read Google Analytics, Mixpanel). You need to work out an Attribution Model which links all important features and assigns their weightage towards successful conversions. And the next step will be your product team knows what features they cannot let fail. Their product roadmap sprints are now better aligned to the end customer’s requirements.

Learn how to build Markov based Feature Attribution Models and optimize web/app features.

Key Takeaway Points

In this 45 minutes interactive session with Aditya Thakkar, you’ll learn how to:

Build a Feature Attribution Model using behavioral and transactional data of visitor
Decode the Transition Matrix which attributes every feature to end goal conversion


With this webinar, you will be able to work out an Attribution Model to link all the important features and assign their weightage towards successful conversions. Educate your product team regarding what features they cannot allow to fail. Their product roadmap sprints will be better aligned to the end customer’s requirements.


Aditya Thakkar

Aditya Thakkar

Aditya is a Solution Engineer at Tatvic involved in developing a variety of custom analysis and products for clients. In his free times, he likes playing Volleyball, Table Tennis and talking about automobiles. Aditya holds post graduate in Computer Science.


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