Convert your Detractors to Brand Advocates – Use NPS® effectively with Google Analytics

March 15, 2017 04:00 PM IST

Beginner Level


Brand Managers, Digital Marketers, Customer Relationship Managers, Web Analysts, Business Analysts, Anyone who knows Google Analytics and is curious to explore more

About This Webinar

Net Promoter Score® (NPS) is the yardstick of your organization’s performance from the point of view of your customers. It represents your brand’s standing in the eyes of the customers.

But, do you know that by using NPS® with Google Analytics you could derive constructive insights and build a better brand image?

We will cover this in our webinar “Convert your Detractors to Brand Advocates – Use Net Promoter Score® effectively with Google Analytics”

Key Takeaway Points

In this 45 minute informative session you’ll learn how to:

Link your NPS® with user attributes in Google Analytics
Improve your brand image in the eyes of customers by applying insights derived from using NPS® with Google Analytics
Convert detractors into brand promoters and win over passives


Join Sarjak Patel, Certified Google Analytics Consultant at Tatvic, in this free webinar, to learn how to elevate your brand name and create positive brand consciousness by using Net Promoter Score® with Google Analytics.

Nothing like a word-of-mouth publicity! Positive or negative – up to you!



Sarjak Patel

Sarjak is a certified Google Analytics consultant at Tatvic. He comes with a rich experience of working with major e-commerce companies in the Indian market. Apart from his expertise in Google Analytics, he also has an extensive experience of over 5 years in IT industry. He is a digital analytics enthusiast and has a knack of understanding client requirements.

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