Firebase Analytics – Best practices to Attract, Engage, Convert & Measure your app users

4th Dec 2019


12:00 PM IST / 1:30 AM ET / 2:30 PM SGT


9:00 PM IST / 9:30 AM ET / 11:30 PM SGT


Intermediate Level


CMOs, Marketing Heads, Growth Hacker, Marketing Managers, Digital Marketers, Product Marketers, Data Analysts

About This Webinar

This webinar gives you a meticulous understanding of the Firebase Analytics tool starting with a platform walkthrough, set-up and comparative analysis with other app analytics products. You’ll learn how to integrate and report Marketing data from other tools such as DV 360, Google Ads, Admob.

Integrate Firebase Analytics with BigQuery to track user journey by using user properties and custom parameters. Over and above data reporting, gain advanced skills in creating dashboards to benchmark your tailored business-focused KPI’s, product performance, marketing campaign performance, and the emerging trends. Learn how to leverage Firebase predictions, A/B testing and dynamic links for driving user engagement.

Key Takeaway Points

  • Firebase Analytics Compared With Other App Analytics Tools – Check out the pros and cons of using Firebase Analytics over other app analytics tools
  • Marketing Campaign Attribution Using Firebase – Optimize marketing spends by leveraging out of the box integration of Firebase with Google Ads performance and other ad platforms
  • Advanced Analytics Using Firebase and Google BigQuery – Leverage Firebase and Google BigQuery integration to instrument effective user journey tracking and garnering insights using custom parameters
  • Integrating Firebase with Google DataStudio for Creating Interactive Dashboards – Create a useful business-focused KPI dashboards using Firebase and Google DataStudio
  • Activate Upon the Analysed Data Using Firebase – Leverage various features of Firebase such as A/B testing to act upon the analysed data



Sarjak Patel

Sarjak is a GAIQ certified consultant in the capacity of AVP – Customer Delivery at Tatvic Analytics. He comes with a rich experience of working with major e-commerce companies in the Indian market. Apart from his expertise in Google Analytics, he also has extensive experience of over 8 years in the IT industry. He is a digital analytics enthusiast and has a knack of understanding client requirements.


Namrata Nagdev

Namrata is a GAIQ certified Data Analytics consultant and works as a Client Servicing Manager at Tatvic Analytics. She has worked in Marketing, Product and Social Media strategy in her career path. She has a dual MBA in Marketing and Data Analytics from Case Western Reserve University in the USA and is keen on interpreting and analyzing data for driving business solutions. She is fond of coffee, reading, and traveling.

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