Real-time Data, Real-time Marketing with Pipestream


July 29, 2021 11:00 AM ET


Intermediate Level


Marketers, Product & Tech Experts

About This Webinar

Join us on this interactive webinar to learn about the future of Real-Time Marketing with Pipestream, a powerful cloud-based, ETL data pipeline tool. It captures your first-party data and relays it to Big Query, super fast. 

As a webinar attendee, not only, you get a chance to experience Pipestream first-hand, but get select access to its 30-day FREE TRIAL.

Key Takeaway Points

  • There are a ton of ways Marketers and Product teams can use Pipestream. We’ll show you how:
    • You can collect real-time data with no code, no developer, and no extra resources. All of it,  at a fraction of the cost of competing for cloud infrastructure.
    • Instant unsampled data will help you enhance personalization, customer segmentation, predictive scoring, anomaly detection, and much more!
    • You can get more control over your data by tracking through unlimited parameters!


Bismayy Mohapatra

Bismayy leads the Solutions vertical at Tatvic. His team of developers, cloud engineers, data scientists, and product managers build and market SaaS products like Badger, DLAT, PredictN, RTDC to name a few. He consults enterprise customers on their digital analytics and marketing practices to meet their business goals. Outside work, he is an avid backpacker and loves to play and follow football.


Kaushal Bhatt

Kaushal leads Marketing at Tatvic. He has 14+ years of experience in marketing, overseeing new products, and practices development, geographical expansions, supporting sales operations, streamlining of sales and marketing processes. Expertise in developing channels, supporting sales and marketing efforts across 21+ countries. Believes in winning through the empowerment of the team, investing in and developing them.

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