3 Personalization Use Cases of Google Optimize 360

June 08, 2017 05:00 PM IST

Advanced Level


Product Managers, Tech Directors, Chief Customer Experience Officer, VPs of Marketing & Customer Acquisition

About This Webinar

Personalization is way of automatic tailoring of site UIs and messages/notifications to the visitors viewing them. There are endless opportunities on the horizon to personalize right from mobile exclusive offers to geo location based offers. Research says “Personalization is the next frontier in Digital marketing and one of the highest ROI activities”.

Key Takeaway Points

In this 45 minute interaction with Viraj Shah, you’ll learn how to:

Leverage Google Optimize 360 for your website or mobile site to drive meaningful and personalized experiences to your customers. The examples we will mention will apply for varied businesses such as ecommerce, lead generation websites and content websites.

Understand the impact of personalized marketing for your customers and business


Join Viraj and know how you can personalize your website for your customers using Google Optimize 360.

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Viraj Shah

Viraj is a consultant at Tatvic and enjoys research on digital analytics. He loves challenges and strive to achieve it. He is a sports lover and an avid marathon runner. He is a commerce graduate and post graduate in management.

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