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    What is Real Time Data Connector

    Real Time Data Connector is powerful cloud-based ETL data pipeline tool to capture raw Google Analytics hits data from any website and send them to Google BigQuery in near to real-time

    You can now access row data available in a predefined schema at a centralized and secured cloud storage in less than a minute and without the need to depend on your ever busy engineering teams infrastructure, code and maintain APIs and worry about accuracy

    What does it Solve?

    Real Time Data

    It takes 24-48 hours for data to be available in GA Standard reports, so marketing and product use cases which require real-time data for anomaly detection, analysis and reporting is not possible

    Data Sampling Issue

    When the website has a very high hit volume or date range of report is very big then GA is providing sampled data which is not useful in real data analysis

    Tracking of PII Data in GA

    Tracking of PII data that includes, but not limited to, email addresses, phone numbers, and social security numbers is not allowed to be sent into GA to protect user privacy

    Value Proposition

    Real-Time Unsampled Data at a Nominal Cost

    Collects user behavior action data from the website source and sends it to BigQuery in a raw format in real-time. Entire Cloud infrastructure is a fraction of the cost of any enterprise product like GA 360 version

    Unlimited Parameters for Capturing User Data

    While GA has limitations on the number of custom dimensions and metrics to capture user and product attributes (20 for GA Standard), RTBQ Connector allows unlimited custom parameters to be tracked

    Easy Integration & Zero Maintenance

    Easily integrates all website data that needs to be collected in GA. All you need to do is just a few clicks and configuration settings in GTM and you will be able to access your engineering teams

    Accurate and Reliable Reporting in Real-Time

    Build raw data and without sampling, with the use of such data you can build quick to view marketing, product and website performance reports and generate actionable insights

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