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Incognito Mode Detection

This script allows us to identify users who are browsing your website in incognito/private mode. This script will help while creating a remarketing audience as the incognito mode users are never going to come again on the website with same client id so we can exclude them from remarketing list. You can read more about this scripts implementation and use on this blog.

Out of Stock Google AdWords

This free useful custom javascript automatically stops the Google Adwords Campaign for the Product which are out of Stock. It helps you save your cost on your Google Adwords campaigns. Download the complete Javascript here and learn how to implement it for your store through this blog.

Client ID Tracking

Client ID is a unique ID assigned to each user by Google Analytics. It is assigned to custom dimension on User level so that you can analyse visitors’ information anonymously for your website and derive stronger insights.

Scroll Tracking

Scroll tracking is one of the methods used for measuring how people are consuming your website content. People who actually read your article are most likely to scroll your article page. By measuring the percentage of scroll, you will get a comprehensive idea of the degree of content consumption. If majority of people do not scroll to the bottom of your articles, with the help of this javascript, you’ll know that something may be wrong with your content.

URL Query Parameter Tracking

There are many websites which have multiple Query Parameters as a part of their URL. Sometimes these query parameters provide key insights into the user’s actions on website. This script, when used with Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager, can take specific value of parameters and push it into event tracking or in custom variable. The data will be available in Google Analytics events report or Custom Variable reports.

Note: Needs your modification depending on your URL query parameters.

Outbound Link Tracking / Email Link Tracking / Document Download Tracking

You can use this javascript with Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager and derive insight as to how many visitors are clicking on links that are external to the website or mailto links or document download links. The data with this javascript will be available in event tracking reports in Google Analytics.

Note: This code requires jquery.


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