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Technology & Infra Lead

Job description

Responsibilities of a Technology and Infrastructure lead

Responsibilities w.r.t. customers:

  1. Get the deliverable as per commitment made to clients while keeping quality and client focus..
  2. Designing solutions using Google Cloud Platform (Or Other Cloud Platforms)
    1. Birds eye view of the Platform to create a broad solution
    2. Detailed pricing so as to offer an optimization plan for the customer
    3. Designing a solution for the customer using various components of GCP
  3. Activities for providing solutions
    1. Design/Develop/Deploy Data APIs on AWS / GCP platform using managed/self-managed Services.
    2. Create a data warehouse and optimized storage.
    3. Setup Logging, Monitoring dashboards, Alerting services for every running service.
    4. Setting up PaaS, SaaS, IaaS as per the customer needs.
    5. Develop, construct, test, and maintain solutions designed using the cloud platform.
    6. Configure the access & security mechanisms for the cloud architecture.
    7. Ensuring application scalability/elasticity and assisting with load testing.
    8. Build and maintain server and application environments.
  4. Constantly research and remain updated about the latest technologies to answer and solve requests from the customer as well as provide insights.
  5. Maintain coding standards & build reusable code and libraries for future use
  6. Optimize GCP resource utilization to save GCP costs and avoid unutilized GCP products

Responsibilities w.r.t. team & organization:

  1. Design and Build reusable solution which can be used for multiple customers
  2. Create clear documentation on architecture and design concepts used in project
  3. Provide assistance/training to the team members to learn cloud platform by training and creating presentation
  4. Ensure that the GCP resources and costs are optimized and both client billing and Tatvic billing are optimized
  5. To get the team members and organization achieve required GCP certifications/specializations
  6. Contribute to hiring of suitable candidates for Tech & Infra team
  7. Provide expertise for building/reviewing of the cloud architecture
Date posted
November 11, 2022
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Valid through
July 1, 2023
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