Position title
Manager - Marketing & Communication for LeadGen

Job description:

  • Responsibility 1: Leads from Organic Traffic on our Website
      • Identify the user behavior of users from organic traffic on our website & create user personas
      • Website updates to optimize user journey like A/B test hypothesis, Pop-up hypothesis, Personalization experiments, etc
      • Create monthly organic traffic & leads report in Data Studio & present it to the leadership team with insights & next steps
      • Manage & collaborate with the SEO & Outreach team
  • Responsibility 2: Generating new ones & qualifying LinkedIN conversations generated by LI Team
    • Create your own network on LinkedIn with Tatvic Analytics’ Target Audience in the target
    • Nurture & qualify conversations generated on LI & convert them to MQLs
    • Managing leadership team’s LinkedIn 
  • Responsibility 3: Initiate Client Referral conversations
    • Curate & design monthly/fortnightly newsletters especially for clients
    • Identify clients with an opportunity of an upsell/cross-sell of solution/service & reach out to them proactively in collab with the CSMs
  • Responsibility 4: Revive cold leads from the existing MQL database
    • Reach out to cold/dead leads from the past CRM
    • Create & execute a nurturing strategy for those leads
    • Revive & convert dead leads to MQL that can be forwarded to the Customer Development team


  • Market Research & Digital Marketing for Social selling
  • Communication Skills
  • Inclination to Business Development
  • Tactics for LeadGen through LI, referrals & Website
  • Content Writing
Employment Type
Full Time
Job Location


Base Salary
₹ 6 Lacs - ₹ 8.50 Lacs
Date posted
January 21, 2020

Position: Manager - Marketing & Communication for LeadGen

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