Campaign Sync - affiliate management tools

Multiple Campaigns and Affiliate Management Tool

Campaign Sync is a Campaign and Affiliate Management Tool developed by Tatvic. It is built to help our clients manage multiple campaigns and affiliates all in one place. This tool manages the affiliate entities for an organisation and minimises your back and forth between various campaigns.

Have your Marketing Manager activate and deactivate partner accounts with ease. You can efficiently control UTM parameters, view partner campaigns and reports and manage various campaigns from one single account. Get Campaign Sync and know whether all of your affiliates are generating the desired ROI for you, manage hassle free payouts and view campaign performance. Optimize campaigns as and when you see fit using this affiliate management tool!

Manage Campaigns

Affiliate management tools help in boosting the website traffic but managing separate campaigns take some efforts. Eliminate delays and extra hours by availing holistic campaign management tool – Campaign Sync.

Track Affiliations and Campaign ROI

Keep a constant track of whether or not all affiliates are generating desired results for you, Get payout and revenue data against each affiliate in single report.

Take Complete Control of URL Tagging System

Take control of the tagging system and get rid of the frustration using this affiliate management tool. Analyze such data in Google Analytics with Campaign Sync’s capability to produce consistent UTM IDs.

Automate Affiliate Reporting

Forget messy reports in Excel. Your affiliates can keep a track of the statistics by logging into their account and what’s even better than eliminating access control to your Google Analytics data to them.

Increase Conversion Rate

Blend in Google’s intelligence and machine learning with our insight gathering skills. Pick out sets of customer likely to convert. Target potential users and focus on your paid campaigns like AdWords, DFP, etc.

Value Proposition - affiliate management tools
Know how this solution will increase your operational efficiency and aid yielding better ROI.
Client Success Story

Tatvic provided Campaign Sync to one of India’s leading eCommerce companies to resolve their challenges of managing too many affiliates and was also able to provide a solution to manage standardised naming conventions for all affiliates. Moreover, we also successfully configured various pixels for all their affiliates and verified these pixels configurations in GTM/TMS. Our client is now enjoying hassle free and largely automated affiliate and campaign management operations.

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