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Discover Intelligent Insights In Minutes with Automated Website Analysis

Badger digs through tonnes of analytical data to generate automated insights that make business sense.  It is a machine learning SaaS that performs automated website analysis and auto-configure work with almost any analytical data source (read Google Analytics, Google PlayStore, Search Console and more). It uncovers the change impact of multiple attributes and events on your business metrics.

Discovers Intelligent Insights in Minutes

automated website analysis generates user stories on your web and app analytics data in a matter of minutes

Expertise in Machine Learning

Utilizes machine learning models to generate stories on the most significant changes in your business

Automates Tons of Hours of Analysis Effort

Process your analytics data using in-built models with automated website analysis to reduce long hours of data collection, processing and further analysis

Integrates with Any Data Source

Built on open architecture to integrate multiple web or app analytical sources without any complex configuration

Value Propositions - qualitative data analysis software
Know how this product will increase your operational efficiency and aid yielding better ROI.
Client Success Story

Badger’s Automated Intelligence helped a video publisher client understand a 350% hike in traffic within two consecutive days in a month.

After a round of initial assumptions to explain the anomaly, their marketing team also cross checked with their Google Analytics account before using Badger to analyze this scenario. The automated insight from Badger was brilliant. It was discovered that 75% of the traffic coming from the affiliate campaign and landing on the reality show page were not real human users but were bots resulting in the spike. The Badger insight drilled down to state that this affiliate traffic had a bounce rate of 100% and their session duration was 0 seconds. As unexpected as this was, it enabled our client the access to the right set of data and stories to cross-question their affiliate for bringing in bot traffic. This entire processing of data took less than half an hour. This could have easily taken a day to gather all sorts of data in excel and still not get the solution to the problem.

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