Real-time Anomaly Detection

Introduces Practical and Robust Anomaly Detection in Data Generated via Google Analytics Premium with Tatvic

client background
Client Background is a property portal that provides a platform to people looking to buy/rent properties and to the businesses/agents wanting to sell properties. It is a high-end property portal that caters to a global market with its unique services and novel online features. Its design is based on rigorous research, unique product developments and innovation, which has been readily accepted by users. They have successfully hosted 75 domestic and over 15 international property shows around the globe.


MagicBricks wanted to measure the unexpected user behaviour on their app and website. They had wanted to measure the increase in traffic due to campaigns & understand live portal performance status. Along with this, their goals were to reduce server down-time in case of unplanned outages and also to develop an alert mechanism in terms of email/SMS.

approach to solution _ hypothesis
Approach to Solution

Tatvic worked with Magicbricks team to develop a solution based on Google Analytics Premium data and Anomaly Detection algorithm, which generates automated real-time email/SMS alerts and warns higher/middle management about the live performance of website on their mobiles devices. We utilized Google Analytics data to generate performance alerts every three hours using Anomaly Detection system developed by Tatvic.


Implementing this solution resulted into the following:

  • Identification of unexpected behavior
  • Reduced outage trouble-shooting time
  • Automated alert system of detecting outage and its severity

To know how we were able to implement Anomaly Detection and to understand how it helped the senior management of Magicbricks, read our full case study here:

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