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How Tatvic Heatmap Increased Promotional Banner Click Through Rate by 200%

client background
Client Background

Mid-day is a subsidiary of Jagran Prakashan Ltd – one of India’s leading media and communications group.  It is one of the most engaging newspaper with Local News as its key focus, and with other major sections like Entertainment, National/International News, Lifestyle and Sports. has an established presence in the media market, with over 200,000 subscribers.


Mid-day wanted to boost the performance of their important promotional events lined up on their website. The challenge was to identify the right spot for effective banner placement that attracts more attention. Owing to this, their primary aspect was to understand how effective/influential the designated promotional space for banners is.

Mid-day was in the process of boosting their important promotional events lined up for a particular time period on their website. The primary aspect was to understand how effective and influential the designated promotional space for banners is. In order to identify this, they decided to measure the clicks garnered by the sections and categories of the page. This enabled them to determined the major attraction for the users to navigate on the website

approach to solution _ hypothesis
Approach to Solution

Our client has been a Google Analytics 360 user for a year. Tatvic ensured that they collected all the required data using comprehensive tracking to understand the user behavior. Tatvic implemented the in-house developed Heat Map Solution to Mid-day that  would successfully addressed their pain points related to page level user behavior.

The promotional banner which was placed at the top of the navigation bar increased was a clear indicator for a high number of users to click on the same area.


With the implementation of Tatvic’s HeatMap, we were able to achieve 200% increase in the Click Through Rate for the client on their Promotional Banner.

Read the full case study as to how exactly Mid-day achieved such a significant rise in their Click Through Rate and see what their Product Head has to say about the Heat Map Solution.

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