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How Increased their Conversion Rate by 66% by A/B Testing Lead Generation Forms with Google Optimize

client background
Client Background

Cars24 is a lead generation portal for reselling used cars for which they provide one of the largest platforms in India. The purpose of their website is to make it convenient for customers to book appointments with them online.


Difficulty in Attracting High Intent Customers

Cars24 was facing a difficulty in attracting high intent customers. Another major pain point that the client was facing was the low conversion rate of booking appointments. They were on the look out for a solution that would help them gain better insights on how they can increase their efficiency, boost revenue and get quality customers,

approach to solution _ hypothesis
Approach to Solution

Implemented Google Optimize A/B Redirect Test

Cars24 has been a Google Analytics user for quite some time. Tatvic ensured that they were able to collect all the required data using comprehensive tracking to understand the user behaviour. Utilising these data-backed findings, we conceived a solid hypothesis to identify the gaps in user journey with the help of an A/B Redirect test using Google Optimize.


Higher Conversion Rate than the Original Version

The variant version through Google Optimize A/B Redirect test, got higher conversion rate than the original version by 66% and 70% for desktop and mobile website respectively.

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