Tips and tricks with google analytics

Google Analytics is one the best web analytics tool around, it’s free and will help a company gain all the required experience and get your hands dirty in web analytics data.

It’s easy to implement and offers some great features, if your getting started with web analytics and have implemented or planning to implement google analytics on any of your web properties. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you get started!

1.) GA.js vs urchin.js: Use the latest version of Google analytics code (ga.js) instead of the old, if your still using the old version (urchin.js), it’s time for you to upgrade which is done in few simple steps. The new ga.js code enhances your tracking capabilities, you should be able to use all new features (event tracking, better e-commerce tracking) on the go.

2.) Tracking Terminology: Google has extensive documentation in it’s help section for google analytics, it well worth a read to understand how each report sections are divided and what sections ( Dashboard,Visitors, Traffic sources, content, etc) you can find the reports you need and with detailed documentation of definitions of each metrics

3.) Exclude Internal Traffic: This indeed is the first step after you implement, QA your GA configuration. Excluding internal traffic is a great way to get the right data. There are many ways to do this look out for future post on the same

4.) Link Tracking: One of the best features in Google analytics, link tracking via pageTracker._trackPageview(‘ ‘); is something you should be doing in case you want to track downloads, exit links, ajax tabs, or any rich media program.

5.) Custom Variable: Google Analytics offers one custom variable which can be used as per your needs, this variable can be used to “segment” visitors into logged in/out or capturing the visitors to section of your site a sub group.

Ok so that were the first five tips and tricks, tune into this blog for more coming soon

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  • The article is good. But what I would have liked some links to Help Center articles within Google Analytics linking relevant articles corresponding to your 5 points. Cos when newbies read this article, they might find the HC links useful… Just my 2c…

    • Deepak,

      Would definitely see if we can update the article with the suggestion that you have provide. Thanks for the encouragement.


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