Tatvic Excel Add-in for Google Analytics – v2.7

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New tatvic excel add-in version is enhanced with the New MCF and other Dimension/Metrics and Pre-defined standard queries and more! We are excited to release the new version of the Tatvic Excel Add-in v2.7. It contains the following list of main features and improvements.

  • MCF Dimension/Metrics

    Google Analytics API team has added new dimension/Metrics including Multi-Channel Funnel. The Multi-Channel Funnels Reporting API enables you to request Multi-Channel Funnels data for an authenticated user. Data is derived from conversion path data, which shows user interactions with various traffic sources over multiple visits prior to converting. This allows you to analyze how multiple marketing channels influence conversions over time.

  • New Dimension/Metrics
    1. App Tracking Data
    2. Social Data (offsite)
    3. Social Interaction Data (onsite)
    4. New Page Tracking directory rollups
    5. Exception Tracking data
    6. User timing data
    7. new ga: metro dimension
    8. New mobile device dimensions

Detailed description for above dimension/metrics are available here.

  • More than 10k rows in single report request

    A single query in Excel Plug-in can results the number of rows the user has requested even more than 10k rows. Till now we were having a limitation of 10k rows in a single query but based on our customer’s suggestion we have included the feature of getting more than 10k rows in a single query.

  • Pre-defined Standard queries

    We have added some pre-defined queries which contain dimensions/metrics for the e-commerce clients only. These standard queries will help the e-commerce clients to directly use the available queries and fetch the reports.

  • Updated videos for new users

    The below video will show how to use the Tatvic Excel Plug-in in efficient way. (We will keep updating more videos.) You can watch all the videos regarding “Tatvic Excel Add-in tool for Google Analytics data extraction” from here.

Would you like to reduce the amount of time you usually spend on data extraction from your Google Analytics / Google Adwords account? We think you may like to watch our Webinar – How to simplify and automate data extraction process using Tatvic Excel Plugin. Watch the Replay Now!

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