How to save your time from data extraction process and deep dive into your web analysis

data extraction process

Being a web analyst is very challenging at times, isn’t it? I believe that most of you have already heard that doing data analysis is like finding a needle in a haystack. And, therefore, a considerable amount of time has to be devoted to the whole web analytics cycle.


It’s also known that the majority of web analysts spend most of their time scraping a mountainous pile of raw data and extracting them from Google Analytics/Adwords accounts to a BI tool, in order to prepare business reports/dashboards. This way, they barely get enough time to spend on data analysis itself.

If you find yourself in this situation, cool down! I will show you a couple of ways to optimize your time expenditure on the data extraction process and you will realize that there is no reason to freak out!

Extracting Data from Multiple Profiles

Usually, whenever you need to prepare reports for multiple accounts/profiles using identical metrics and dimensions, you manually extract data from their Google Analytics/Adwords profiles. This process involves the extraction of multiple reports from GA UI and subsequently consolidating them into a single workbook. This may even require some data cleaning for efficient processing. As you can realize, this is a very cumbersome process. Tatvic Excel Plugin is a tool that facilitates you to extract data from multiple accounts/profiles in one go.

Single Click Refresh

What about when you need to update many of these dashboards/reports on a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly basis? Then, you often have to go to each and every client’s profile to extract their data and update your reports/dashboards. This is a headache for analysts, isn’t it?

What if I tell you that with this plugin you can update all your existing reports/dashboards by “SINGLE CLICK on Refresh” functionality? That’s right! With only a single click, all your reports become updated in a few seconds, and you are done!

See? You definitely have a way out!

Now that you are aware of these tips, you can finally find yourself in your dream scenario: extracting your data effortlessly, automating your dashboards, and spending the majority of your working hours on data analysis.

Do you aim to know how you can save even more time during your cumbersome data extraction process?

So, you should definitely watch our webinar: How to simplify and automate the data extraction process using Tatvic Excel Plugin. Watch the Replay Now!

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