How to save $500 Per Month on your Google Adwords Campaign by avoiding this one mistake!

feature_image_out_of_stockE-commerce store owners spend thousands of dollars on advertising their product to acquire more customers.  Google Adwords is one of the channel which is used extensively by online retailers to promote their products.  The paid traffic acquired from the campaigns sometimes brings great ROI and sometimes not based on how the campaigns are optimized.

We recently worked with a client whose Google Adwords Campaign was not properly optimized i.e. the client was running the Google Adwords Campaign for the products that were out of stock!

Not only were his campaigns incurring losses (we call it the revenue loss) but were also offering bad user experience. Users were abandoning his store resulting into a loss of a potential buyer.  Additionally, the client was losing the hard earned money by running campaigns for the products that were out of stock.

We carried out an analysis for the client to find out the Revenue Loss occurring from Out Of Stock Google Adwords Campaign. We studied their one month data & learned that our client was incurring approximate $500/ month ($6000/ Year) loss by targeting Out of Stock products.

As an analyst, our role doesn’t stop here by giving just a raw no. of $ loss. So we rolled up our sleeves to find out an automated solution and with the continuous efforts from our development team, we have built one.

This solution is basically a Javascript which will help you save wasted money & optimize your Google Adwords Campaigns. The script automatically stops the Google Adwords Campaigns for the product which are out of stock. We have implemented this script for few of our clients and has certainly proved a boon for them.

Follow the steps below to implement the Javascript on your Google Adwords Account:

  • Download the Javascript from here
  • Login in to your Google Adwords account as Admin
  • Go to your campaigns tab & then look for Script option under Bulk Operation on LHS
  • Paste the Javascript in the Script page & Click on Authorize Now Option

Add Google Adwords Script

Now make below-mentioned changes in the Javascript to configure it for Your Google Adwords Account:

  • Replace Customer ID & Effective User ID in the Script

how to add customer id in adwords script

  • Enter Email Address in the script: Whenever our script will stop your Google Adwords campaign you will be notified via email.

enter you email in adwords script

  • Enter the value of OUT_OF_STOCK_TEXT: It’s the text that Identifies an Out Of Stock Item.
    • Inspect Element ‘Out of Stock’ text on your store page & copy it.

out of stock element data

  • Now paste the copied text against the “var OUT_OF_STOCK_TEXT” in the script (as shown in image below)

Out of Stock Text Element

These completes the changes to be made in the script. Now “Run Script” to complete the implementation. Once you have implemented the solution, your Google Adwords Campaign will stop when your product is out of stock.


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Nilang Patel
Nilang works as a Business Analyst at Tatvic. His interests include Web Analytics, Digital Marketing, Conversion Optimization, A/B testing, AdSense, E-commerce and providing meaningful data analysis to generate valuable business insights.
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