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This is my first post on Indian Internet and I was not originally intending it to be so bitter,but it just become such way ! may be frustration after seeing and making good landing pages ?!!

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I was taken aback when I saw this but believe me its true and I am showing you here. I was browsing through some articles about media in general on and saw this add below.

See that there are at least 3 ads showing up and all it has ? just two different color , background ? with few letters like

  • One Hungama – Don’t know what it means though
  • ATL and BTL are passe ?
  • India market etc ?

I was completely dwarfed with what this advert is trying to communicate ? may be I am not a target audience, or may be this ad is made for a special place in latin america only. Fair enough, its a brand building buddy ! its not our cup of tea(ah !bear may be!!) probably. So I could not stop my curiosity and clicked on it and went ahead to see what it has to offfer and Doh !! here is what I got !

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(click on the Photo man, I dont know how to make image quality better and Anil is busy :))

Brilliant screen, bright colors and a lead form and yes ” give you brand “h” factor”(I thought of if Tatvic gets H factor , how would it look like ? tatvic ? any guesses ?) which doesn’t say why should I submit my information and what is it that they stand for ? I wanted to call the poor guy at the phone no. given below,but just erased the thoughts as he may actually not be the person who made this. Recently we concluded a Google Website Optimizer experiment and increase landing page conversion by 10X and we used following format to create content for landing page. Not to mention that above landing page does not have anything.

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This led me to a thought ! which I am going to pursue !!

Guys here is what we do ! whenever you come across a landing page which is s*** , lets put it in a library at web anlaytics community that Anil has. This will be serious fun ! I will keep you posted on that !

Ok now disclaimer : People, there is no intention to belittle someone or to make fun of anybody in person ! I still dont know what hungama does ,but my serious apology if this comes across as offence which isnt the intention. The intent is to educate and make people aware.

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Ravi Pathak
Ravi is the co-founder of Tatvic and expert at managing different web analytics tools. Ravi actively works on conversion optimization projects to improve conversion rate and test newer hypothesis with e-commerce companies.
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