Industry News Roundup: Harvard’s guidelines for Marketing teams, Update for Google Ads Data Hub & More

Tatvic’s Industry News Roundup is your quick weekly dose of notable updates in the Analytics Ecosystem. The news covered in this segment include Harvard’s guidelines for marketing teams, how to keep your website updated during these times with Google Optimize, How to upgrade your Marketing Analytics in the post Pandemic World, & Update for Google Ads Data Hub

Harvard’s guidelines effective Marketing in these times

In these unprecedented times, the world for marketers has changed dramatically. With health and economic crisis on the cards, many firms have scrambled their advertising messages, campaigns and offers. They can no longer make assumptions about their target audience, that includes what, why and how they convert. 

As a result, companies have been investing heavily in marketing analytics, according to Gartner. Harvard Business Review has published guidelines that would come in handy for marketing teams. Read the guidelines here in-depth.

How Google Optimize can help you keep your website updated in these times

As the times change and the world responds to Covid-19, the challenges companies face are unique, one of a kind. Google has shared a few ways Google Optimize can help you keep your website updated with the latest information.

As communities around the world respond to COVID-19, we know this time presents unique challenges to your business. We’d like to share a few ways Google Optimize can help you keep your website updated with the latest information.

Last week Google introduced a new way for you to quickly post an informational banner at the top of your website. This means you can easily let your customers know if your business hours or services have changed – or even just reinforce that you are still open to serve them – and where they can find more information.

And of course, you can still use Optimize to help you update any page of your site, so Google has included some tips and best practices to get you started. Read this update by Google Marketing Platform to know more

Update for Google Ads Data Hub

As we know Ads Data Hub enables customized analysis of your Google Ads campaigns while protecting user privacy and upholding Google’s high standards of data security.

Google recently released an update on improvements to Ads Data Hub that help you analyze data more quickly and easily, better understand the way that people interact with your ads, and use insights from your data to reach the right customers. With these updates, you can tailor your measurement to your unique business needs, understand how your marketing is performing, and drive the greatest business impact. Know more from their latest update post.

How to upgrade your Marketing Analytics in the post Pandemic World

As we leave the pandemic behind, as the marketing restarts, the marketing analytics should move in new and fresh directions too. Marketing-mix models are of limited use at a time of extreme disruption to old consumer habits. Joel Rubinson, from WARC, outlines an alternative strategy that brands may be able to leverage instead. Read the complete post here

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