Google Analytics unveils Real Time Reporting

As the competition on web is increasing, we need to know what is happening on our website, and we want it right now, Real Time. Google knew this as well, and launched Real-time. Google Analytics Real Time is a new and super exiting feature from Google Analytics.

Google Analytics Real Time ReportWhat is Real Time?

Real Time is a boon to all websites owners who want to keep an eye on their pages on the fly, real time. Real Time is new feature in Dashboard which shows what is happening on your website, right now.

Who can get the best out of it, and how?

All of us. See how:

Compare campaigns: You are running a marketing campaign on two channels together; let’s say PPC and Facebook Advertising . You can keep shifting your budgets from one to another campaign based on real time performance. Believe me, when you are spending thousands a day, it’s really useful!

Do better Email Marketing: You can split your email campaign in to two small sample sizes of your total database, sending traffic to two different pages. Monitor the traffic till afternoon, and send the actual campaign with the most performing page as the landing page.

Optimize keywords bids: You can see which keywords people are using today, right now, to get to your website. You can increase/decrease bids for those keywords which are getting you maximum page views.

Measure Social media response: Whenever we write a new blog post, we tweet about it. With Real time, you can see when the clicks from twitter stop, and you can post your next tweet.

Real Time Reports
Currently, it offers these reports, few but all feature rich.

    1. Overview

Google Analytics Real Time Pageviews ReportIt shows how many visitors are currently using your website. The number on top changes real time.

Google Analytics Real Time Overview ReportThe tables below the graph represent Top referrals, Top pages, Keywords and Locations which are generating visits at this second. All these matrices change real time; you don’t have to keep refreshing the page. Just keep it open and monitor the data.

    1. Locations

Google Analytics Real Time Locations ReportThis Report shows you which locations are generating the real-time visits and page views you are seeing, with the interactive map which shows visits from each location on mouse over.

    1. Traffic Sources

Google Analytics Real Time Traffic Sources ReportKnow which of your marketing channel is getting you most of the visitors this minute. Currently it shows Medium and source.

Google Analytics Real Time Organic Source Report What’s exiting is, clicking on a medium gives real-time keywords people are using to get to your site.

    1. Content

Google Analytics Real Time Content ReportContent Report gives visitors and Page views for your top performing pages.

In each of these reports, you can see top 20 entries. But isn’t that enough?

Some important facts about Real time

  • Currently you can see real time data up to last 30 minutes, update every second
  • Only reports in Real time are updated real time, all other reports will continue to update as normal
  • There are no updates from Google on adding more reports in Real Time so far.
  • Don’t consider this feature to be the replacement for other reports. Real Time is an additional reporting tool to help you constantly measure and improve your numbers.

So, this was Google Analytics Real Time, the features and reports we are getting are cool. We loved the look and the user-friendliness it offers. Let us know how did you like it and what more Reports would you demand in Real Time section?

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