Google Analytics Excel Plugin

Out of internal need to analyze data more intensively, we came up with idea to have an excel add in which can
seamlessly fetch Google Analytics data into excel and allow us as analyst to do more analysis.

We started with very raw versions of macro that pulls GA data into Excel and slowly built up a nice App which makes our life easier as an agency. We are kicked about the fact that it got covered on Google’s blog and we are passionate to make this tool better in future and indebted for the help & overwhelming feedback that we have received from customers.

Now that we have made it quite good, we are hoping that this will make other agencies life easier as well !

We initially focused it to be reporting focused and now we are adding more features that helps actually analysis and how can it use the analysis capability of excel.By this blogpost , I basically wanted to show the features that we have implemented and in later blog posts, I will cover as how can you utilize this tool.

Here are some of the salient features that we have for our tool :

Support for Both Excel 2007 and Excel 2003

Tatvic Google Analytics Excel Client works with both the version of the Excel. This tool is very easy to install and it creates an Add-in for your Microsoft Excel. Since it is based on the simple macro, it doesn’t need any other compatible software as well.

Take input from a Cell in Excel

Often power users of web analytics tools want the reports to be updated really quick. Excel is the best tool when such need arises. With our Google Analytics Excel Plugin, you can set up a dashboard in excel inserting dates via cell reference. This categorically helps when the dashboard is required for a different time duration, power users can change the data and refresh the data.

Simple Process to get data :
Our tool has just 3 step process to extract data from Google Analytics. In step-1 user can select profiles and timeline for which they want to get data for. In 2nd Step Users can select the dimensions and metrics combination for their analysis. In 3rd step users can select the destination cell where data needs to be extracted.
Support :
We have a dedicated team to support your needs , get help in setting up dashboards / usage of tools. The technial support team would help you solve any of implementation problem that you may encounter. To get help related to tools, installations, usage please create support tickets from here
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  • It would be nice if there were a way to buy this tool instead of having to re-register every 30 days to download a new copy

  • Hello

    When I extract the Time Spent on Site or Time Spent on Page the result comes out in numeric format in Excel.

    Day 1: 2167
    Day 2: 12669

    How Do I interepret this Value in Time?


  • Hello,

    Is google tatvic free plug-in or google charged for it??? how is it different from export option in google analytics dashboard???

    Pankaj Malik

  • A potential time saver for large data sets, but difficult to manage. A few key improvements would make this a really excellent product. Abort refresh, identification of refreshed/non refreshed cells, refresh progress information, basic documentation on how to copy/paste cells containing queries, display of cell references when copying make up my top wish list.

  • When I use my MCC credentials to access the tool and then make a choise for account and report type, the report builder stops at 35%. Each and every time it stops and the same percentage.

    • Hey Aysun,

      Can you create a support ticket for the same? We’ll look into it. Please include information about which operating system and Microsoft Office version you are using.


      Suketu Parikh


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