Page Importance Level Scorecard using Google Analytics Custom Reports

Being a Web Analytics firm our routine activities involve primarily, data analysis and preparing reports based on analysis insights for our Clients’ web properties. Though it takes good amount of time to find readily actionable insights it makes worth spending energy on it. Incidentally I came across one such quick, simple and yet effective actionable information blogged by Michel Fox using Google Analytics custom reports which absolutely can win hearts of our fellow people.

For any ecommerce store owner it is imperative to know which pages of her store are most impactful in generating higher Sales.  Michel and his team created custom reports to find the answer. We realized that this information can be easily converted into automated report which every ecommerce owner can use whenever required, at single click and keep an eye on most converting pages of his store. Hence we took this opportunity to automate this report by using Tatvic Google Analytics Add-in developed by our team and covered by Google.

Apart from including the base metrics we also added couple of other features to this sample report by providing additional context of time period. Salient features of this Dashboard are listed below :

  • The dashboard has an option to select the reporting period from Feb 2010 to May 2011. You can also change the reporting period based on your need. (Please refer the readme sheet of the dashboard).
  • With this “Page Importance level” dashboard you can see top 20 pages based on Total Goal completions and their pageview data. However the important custom metric is Page Importance Level (PIL) or Page Converting Index (PCI) which is calculated by dividing total goal completions by pageviews for a specific page. The value of PIL for any given page shows its’ contribution in conversion. Higher the PIL figure the better that page is considered for higher conversion.
  • Dashboard also shows the percentage change of PIL on “month by month” (for example May 2011 vs April 2011) and current month by same month of the last year (for example May 2011 vs May 2010.)
  • Trend chart in the dashboard shows the performance of the pages for the entire reporting period, which gives a graphical view to the viewer.
  • Important addition to this dashboard is now you can use the advance segment. For example you can compare the top converting pages between New York and Buffalo for your website.
  • You can also exclude pages with higher visibility which are generally attributed for conversions. Some of these pages include home page, cart page, checkout page etc. These pages can be excluded via filters in Tatvic tool. Provision of such 5 filters is provided in this excel Dashboard.

Try this out for your Client’s Google Analytics data. Simply download Tatvic GA excel addin along with Page importance level dashboard based on Google Analytics custom reports and share your comments, feedback.

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Rakesh Makhija is Analytics Consultant at Tatvic. He handles key accounts of Tatvic and provides consulting. He continuously tries to implement new ideas and present actionable insights in form of simple and powerful visualization methods out of data analysis.
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  • Hi, I am working on an insurance website and they offer car insurance, Home insurance and pet insurance. i need to create a report  for the stakeholders. Can you please advise what important metrics i will need to include in the report?


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