Google Analytics 360: Leverage the power of super real-time data

Google Analytics 360
There is good news for all those marketers and business analysts out there who eat, drink and breathe Google Analytics data. Very recently Google announced that for Google Analytics 360 users, data shall now be available as quickly as every 10 minutes. You can go ahead and refer to the official blog to learn more about the details.

With some exceptions, enhanced data freshness is available in the following groups of reports when the date range includes the current day:

  • Audience
  • Behavior
  • Conversion

GA 360

Let us discuss some of the interesting applications and use cases to reap benefits of this feature.

Just Published a New article:

Your publishing team has posted a new article on the website about a recent event or an activity. You want to understand how your audience is reacting to it and what the impact is on the engagement metrics. With “real time” faster insights, you can take quick decisions and update your article, add more relevant keywords, on social and so on. You can measure the virality of the article by building virality index. Like for example, we at Tatvic, came up with an ingenious solution that can give you an idea of the virality measure of any particular content on your website. To know more about this solution, please get in touch with us.

A Big Sale by Online Retailers:

Your company is organizing a weekend sale or a flash sale where high volume traffic is expected. To ensure a high conversion rate, you deploy multiple promotional activities like coupon codes, promotion banners, bundled product recommendations, etc. Now, waiting around for studying the implications of these offers is not the best scenario. With Google’s real time update, you can now get faster data insights and that will enable you to take speedy iterative actions and make the most out of your campaigns.

Breakdown or Anomaly:

Faster insights can play the role of a lifeguard for your website functionalities. Let me give you two very real and important real life scenarios for a better understanding.

  1. Say, at one point, if you notice that suddenly the number of checkouts has gone down or the number of leads submitted has drastically reduced, you can quickly take necessary actions to fix things and avoid hampering your user experience. Read our MagicBricks Case Study for an in-depth story of such a case.
  2. Similarly, if you have implemented an on-page JavaScript error tracking and out of the blue, you notice that the count of errors have increased, this feature allows you to get this information at the right time and you are now enabled to take the right steps.
Website revamp

Okay, let’s say you have revamped your entire website or maybe just even a specific section. Expectation is that user engagement will increase or that the conversion would be higher. But you notice, on the contrary, that users are not happy with the change and are bouncing off more quickly than before. With near real time insights, you can gauge the effectiveness of the revamp and arrange to prepare for a rollback if need be.

New App version:

Did your app team just launch a new beta app version on the app store? Well, imagine how real time insights will help you keep a check on your critical metrics! Within minutes of any unexpected deviations, you are now enabled to switch back to previous app version.

We have seen this feature being rolled out, already, for some of our clients and are expecting it to be available for other clients very soon.

If you are a GA360 user, you may also see this feature in your GA 360 back. If you have any queries or you’d like to discuss it in further detail, please feel free to leave comments in the below section.

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Aditi Buch

Aditi Buch

Aditi is the Head of Marketing at Tatvic Analytics and looks after all marketing & communications for the team. Her focus is on increasing brand awareness of Tatvic and leveraging the same to build thought leadership in the Data & Analytics space. For any queries or need of information on Tatvic Analytics & our offerings, reach out to her and she'll put you in touch with the right people.
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