Get more than 10k rows using Tatvic excel add-in or Google Analytics API

While working with the Google Analytics API, we have some limitations in terms of access. i.e. Limit of no. of results returned by API per request, no. of request per user per second, no. of dimensions and metrics are 7 and 10 respectively, etc. Most of the limitations are not under our control, but still we could apply some work around to overcome few of these limitations without conflicting rules. Here, we are going to discuss one of the issues while we are dealing with the GA API using the Tatvic Excel add-in.

For example, in Google Analytics web interface, you cannot generate a report of more than 5000 rows. But here while you are using the third party tool i.e. Tatvic excel add-in or Google Analytics API binds us by limiting maximum results to 10,000 rows per request.

The Google Analytics Core Reporting API returns a maximum of 10,000 rows per request, no matter how many you ask for.
Oh! Now? We have simple work around for this issue. We will follow the steps shown below to retrieve more than 10k rows (using Tatvic Excel Add-in) easily:

    1. First, request the 10000 rows (Max no. of Rows field in screenshot) with Start index 1 (Result Start Index in screenshot)
      Request first 10k rows
      It will generate the 10000 rows. Please note, it will return rows as given in Max no. of rows field, if the resulting rows are more than “Max. no of Rows” else it will return all the rows (<10000) within single request.
    2. Now, select any cell of the recently generated report in step 1 and click on “Edit” button as shown below,
      Edit previous data block

    3. Click on “Edit”, it will select all the parameters of this report automatically and show you 1st step with all the selected values (Also, 2nd 3rd steps will be filled up with the selected parameters) so you just need to skip 1st and 2nd steps and reach to 3rd step. Here you need to provide Start index as 10001 (Result Start Index in screenshot) and again Maximum result = 10000 rows (Max no. of Rows in screenshot).
    4. On click of the “Output Location”, it will ask for output cell location. Here, you should provide the cell reference of the next row of the 1st report’s last cell (just for continuity) or anywhere you want.
      Set parameters for more rows

That’s it.

This will get you 20k rows. You need to keep following these steps for more results (i.e. Here, if you want to get 25k rows then you need to start again with the 2nd step and update the Start-index(20001) and Max-result(5000) values accordingly).

Feel free to use the solution and write in comments for any feedback or issues!

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