Enhance Your User Engagement with Google Optimize 360

Google Optimize 360
Businesses often have these burning questions as to how they can improve user engagement on their website, convert more visitors to users, and how they can deliver relevant content to their visitors

The answer to above questions lies in user behavior data that helps businesses to take actions and measure results.

A couple of months ago, Google rolled out a beta version of the Google Optimize 360 tool. This tool helps you to improve your user engagement or a conversion rates. In this week, it got out from beta version and released for everyone.

What is Google Optimize?

Google Optimize is a free A/B testing tool that helps you create website content experiments that improve conversion rates. This tool easily integrates with your Google Analytics and other Google products.

The paid version Google Optimize 360 was released last week and is now globally available. It has a few additional features like personalization using GA audience data. Read more about it here.

Let me give you a gist of all the Google Optimize features:

  • Easy to use, install and integrate
  • Let’s you create three types of tests:
    • A/B tests: The simplest type of test that has two or more variants of a page
    • Multivariate test: This test has multiple variants are with two or more different sections or Layouts
    • Redirect test: This type of test separates your web pages that are identified by different URLs or page paths and gives us an insight as to which page is better performing.

    Google Optimize

  • Integrated visual editor to create variations: Google Optimize offers a powerful editor that helps you create text, style or html structure changes on your test layout.
    Google Optimize 360
  • Integration with Google Analytics and Google BigQuery: Optimize is integrated with Google Analytics and further it can be integrated with BigQuery as well. This feature gives you a deeper look into the experiment analysis data.
  • Advanced experiment targeting: This feature is one of my personal favorites. It lets you set advanced target rules based on user grouping, dataLayer variables.
    Google Optimize 360 allows you to target your experiments to your analytics audiences. This enables you to target specific set of users who exhibit a specific behaviour on your website.
    USer Experience
  • Rich Reporting: Google Optimize provides reporting cards where you can see status and progress over the original variation. Below are the two sample report cards of experiment conducted.
    A/B test                                                                   Experiment Summarymultivariant test                                                          Objective detail card

Why you should use it?

Optimize is very easy to setup and use. With it’s simple setup process, you can create, configure and control tests. User engagement translates into a business growth and that is something all marketers find challenging these days. Optimize ensures that your marketers take data backed decisions and. helps you build a culture that is data driven so as to build and deliver a better experience for your customer.

We at Tatvic have helped a lot of our clients in improving on their user engagement and conversions through A/B tests and we believe that Optimize 360 will be a game changer in A/B testing and will profoundly impact the way we design user experience. If you have any queries as to how you can optimize through Optimize 360 into your marketing operations, please feel free to get in touch with us.

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Jigar Navadiya

Jigar Navadiya

Jigar is a computer science graduate and leads the technical team at Tatvic. His interest is in solving complex data collection problems using tools and technologies. He is always keen on exploring new analytics tools, cloud platforms and technologies like Python, scripting languages. When not working, he spends time on reading blogs, watching resourceful videos on YouTube.
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  • Google optimize is really a great tool. Integrating the tool with Google analytics is an important step. One can easily get a deep idea on data that is derived from analytics. Thank you for sharing the well-explained article Jigar!


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