Landing Page Optimization – Checklist

– Are you working in an agency and have a lot of clients & New A/B testing tools to handle?

– Are you a Conversion Rate Improvement Specialist who has to keep optimizing pages for better conversions?

– Are you a designer who doesn’t know how to learn users’ paths but wants to design a page with that stickiness factor?

Then here is a list of checks you should always use to assess the optimization opportunities of a Landing Page. A list of rapid checks on a landing page, which you can do within 60 seconds, and can give your opinion about the conversion rate of a landing page. There are more checks than these, which you can do later. But these are some checks you shouldn’t proceed further without, and you can do it really fast! We call it The 60/6 Check. The 6 checks you can do in 60 seconds.

Here we go!

1. Tagline

The tagline is the most important thing to explain the business in fractions of a second. A good Tagline will explain the business to a first-time visitor in a snap!



Learn, Share, Improve your conversions today. Anyone would know what is it talking about. is a website where you can see uploaded A/B test on website pages, Share your own tests and Learn from it. Is there any simpler way to convey this?

Check – It should be crisp, and simple to understand. Explain the business in one liner.

2. Headline

The Headline is related to a particular page of a site. How a headline differs to a page from Tagline is, The Tagline talks about the entire website as a product, while the Headline has to explain the Purpose of a particular page. Especially, for a Lead generation page, or a Download page, sometimes, a Headline change can boost the Conversion rate by unbelievable amount.




This is the page for Apple store on the website. The Headline here is self-explanatory and explains the purpose of the page very nicely. Just waiting for my Paycheck to use this page.

Check – It should explain the purpose of the page in the simplest manner, and should encourage the user to do the desired activity, e.g. fill a form or download an App.

3. Call to action

The call to action is the most important feature of the page. After all, you want your user to do something, which is always supported by the Call to action. Again, a call to action can do dramatic changes to a page.


Flickr – Check out the call to action here. Big button hitting in the eye! You got to see that before anything else. The Button color is very light, but the solid color text inside stands out.

Check – The Call to action has to be always on the 1st scroll. It has to be the most prominent among other features of the page. If there is more than 1 Call to actions, there should be one important call to action, which has to stand out among other. So many options always confuse the user. The text on the button has to be simple and short. There has to be a contrast between Button color and the Text color.

4. Background vs Text

The Background and text have always had to be each other’s enemy. Their colors can never meet. Normally, A background is always in a light color, and the text on it in a solid color. But still people opposite experiments sometimes which turn out to be good.





I didn’t want to take an example of a normal landing page with Light background and Solid color. Here’s a non-traditional page. It’s complete opposite to the normal, Solid Background with Light colored text. Still, some friends might feel that this page will look better in white background.

Check – Check the contrast between the two. The text always has to be easily readable without any extra effort.

5. Main communication

By Main communication, I don’t mean the copy of entire page, but the main communication about the product or the site. E.g, About us. This communication has to be like a woman’s skirt. Long enough to cover the essentials, and short enough to look interesting! It has to extend the Headline communication and explain the purpose of the page




The Firefox Homepage!, They have used this page to communicate how you can customize Firefox. The main text below the Headline Clearly extends the Headline.

Check If there’s a headline, then the main communication has to extend it. If the text is too much, then it has to be broken down in points.

6. What’s in it for me factor

Any page has to answer this question, many sites end up boasting about themselves. E.g., You should by our product because we just won an award. But what about their customers? Talk about what are they getting from buying your product or services, and why would they buy them, What’s in it from them?




Hoot Suite is a famous Social Networking Client. If you see the page, their boasting gets completed in a one liner. Below are the features, the what’s in it for me factor.

Check – The page should answer one question. What’s in it for me?

The most important – How to perform this Check in 60 Seconds?

Now, once we know the importance of all checks and what to check for, We have to start checking it for pages in 60 seconds. Here’s how!

Create a Landing Page Evaluation Checklist as below

2. HeadlineExplain the purpose of the page in the simplest manner, and encourage the user to do the desired activity, e.g. fill a form or download an App.

Check Points Factors to be checked Ratings
1. Tagline Crisp, and simple to understand. Explain the business in a one liner
3. Call to action It’s 1st scroll of the page. The most prominent among other features of the page. The main call to action stands out among other calls to action. Simple and Short text. The contrast between the Button color and Text color.
4. Background vs Text The contrast between the two. The text is easily readable without any extra effort.
5. Main Communication It extends Headline communication. It’s broken down it to points if it’s too long
6. What’s in it for me factor It has enough to convince the user about the product or service.

Once, The Table is ready, then start your check. Go through the landing page you want to check, and Start giving ratings for all the Checkpoints above. Give ratings from 1 to 5. 60 seconds over!

Now, since you the check is over, add one more column for comments, as below.

Check Points Ratings Comments
1. Tagline 1 The tagline is very long
2. Headline 5 The headline is perfect, no need to change
3. Call to action 4 It’s very prominent, stands out among others. The text needs to be more precise.
4. Background vs Text 3 The text color can be more solid, the size of the headline can be increased
5. Main Communication 2 The main communication is way to long, it’s broken down in points
6. What’s in it for me factor 2 It doesn’t talk about product features. It doesn’t talk about the discount which is available

Fill the comments column as above, and you ready ready with a list of things you want to change, simple!

Please note one thing, if the user gets lost on your page, or get confused between too many options, he’ll always decide to leave the page. Would you buy from a Shopping mall that sells all the items from Electronics to Vegetables on the same shelf? This check will point out all the problems because of which the user gets lost in the all in one Shopping mall.

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