5 Quick PPC Optimization Tips

There are different reasons why enterprises select paid medium to target their audience. At times they only use this medium for shorter duration say for example creating awareness of a brand and launching campaign for one month or small businesses targeting specific group of buyers for holiday season. In all these cases since purpose is to get maximum benefit in shorter duration; finding low hanging fruit opportunity is the way to be capitalized since it can give you results quickly without much efforts.

In this blog post I’m going to cover 5 quick PPC optimization tips that help you in getting faster turnaround on your PPC campaign.

  1. Tweak AD Copy Text
    • Make sure that you’re using keywords in your ad title or text. For Instance, Buy Tennis Shoes
    • Use Proper Capitalization in your ad title or description, or display URL to differentiate your ad from other ads
    • Use clear points to be offered in ad copy. For instance, 30 Days Money back, Free Shipping
    • Use Strong Call to action. For Instance, Buy Now, Shop Now.
    • Try at least 2 -3 ad variations per ad group to get best performing ad.

    – When you’re optimizing ppc campaigns for quicker results then tweaking ad copy text is very vital factor, first identify the unique offering of your service or product and make a list of it. Based on that tweak your ad copies with below pointers keep in consideration

  1. Keywords
    • Choose Keywords that are best to your services or product. Don’t use too much generic terms.  For instance, men’s tennis shoes, women’s tennis shoes
    • Use proper keyword match type of combination with your keywords whether it is broad match, phrase match or exact match or broad match modifier.  For best result use proper combination of phrase match, exact match and broad match modifier. Don’t use too much broad keywords as it increase the cost.
    • Run search terms report every week, if you’re using google adwords. Based on that you can get two kind of valuable insights

    – Keyword selection plays major role in success of any adwords campaign.  When you choose keyword for getting faster result then keep below points in mind.

    1) You can get the details on which keywords your ads are being displayed and users converted, with the help of this kind of data you can add keywords that are not in your keyword list.

    2) You can also get data of wrong keywords  your ads are being displayed on. So you can eliminate those keywords using negative keywords from your keyword list.

  1. Dynamic Keyword Insertion
    • {keyword=” tennis shoes”}- It shows your keyword in lower case.
    • {Keyword=” Tennis shoes”}- It shows only first letter of your keyword in upper case.
    • {KeyWord=” Tennis Shoes”} – It shows sentence case of your keyword.
    • {KEYWORD=” TENNIS SHOES”} – It shows each letter of your keyword in upper case.

    Dynamic Keyword Insertion allows you to insert keywords dynamically from your Ad Group into your ad copy, if it triggers an ad for a searcher’s query. It helps in increasing relevancy of your ads, it shows users search query by replacing your keyword in your ad copy.  It can help in increasing quality score of keywords, helps in boosting ctr of your ad copy.

    You can use dynamic keyword insertion with the help of this syntax {Keyword:”Buy Tennis Shoes”}, while using dynamic keyword insertion for your ads, keep using below syntax for your desired result of dki.

    For best result, always use {KeyWord=” Tennis Shoes”} dki combination in your ads for gaining higher ctr.

  1. Landing Page Combination & Quality
    • Page loading speed of landing page should be around 10 sec; if page loading speed of landing is more than 10 sec then visitor will go away.
    • Always use short forms instead of long sign up or registration forms.
    • Provide all necessary information above the fold.
    • Don’t confuse visitors with providing too much links or information, if visitor will confuses then visitor will go away.
    • Provide information or offering on landing page that you’ve shown in your ad copy.
    • Landing page with client testimonial increase the trust factor of visitor.
    • Use 100% secure payment, verified by visa, master card authentication signs on you’re landing page if you’re dealing with ecommerce store. It wins the trust factor of visitor.

    – Success of any PPC campaign depends on landing page combination and quality.  Both are like two sides of a coin, without proper combination of landing page with keyword user won’t convert and same case applies for landing page quality.

    Landing Page Combination – Choose best landing page that goes with your ad copy or keywords whether you target home page or service page or product category page. We’ve observed combination of product page and category page works well for ecommerce stores.

    Landing Page Quality – Quality of landing page matters when visitor landed on the landing page through your PPC ads whether user will does any purchase or not it’s game of few seconds.  For Landing page quality consider below points for

  1. AD Extensions
  2. – If you’re using google adwords for your PPC campaign then use ad extensions for boosting result. It helps users easily find out more about your business and its offerings. There are 5 types of ad extensions available.

    1. Location Extensions – With the help of location extension you can show your local business address and phone number in your ppc ads. It can include multiple locations within a single campaign.

    2. Sitelink Extensions – Sitelink allows including up to 10 additional page links on qualifying text ads. You can show additional links of your any promotional scheme or brand new collection of your product, or about your company and many more.

    3. Call Extensions – It gives option to click and call your business from your text ads when it shows to customer on their high end mobile devices.  Customer can quickly reach to you within a call.

    4. Product Extensions –Product extensions are enhances your ads with showing product listing in your ppc ads. It fetches data from existing Google Merchant Center account to highlight your products.

    5. Social Extensions – It helps you in enhancing your social marketing efforts by showing +1’s among your AdWords campaigns and your Google+ Page.

Feel free to share your suggestion and feedback.

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