How to Use Google Analytics to Drive SEO Benefit?

Mar 31, 2015 9 AM PST/ 12 PM EST/ 6 PM CEST
Education Level
Who should attend
Web Analyst, Digital Marketing Managers,
SEO Manager, SEO Executives

Google Analytics is one of the most valuable sources of information we can have to identify SEO opportunities, make decisions and optimize the sites we work for. However, we don’t generally use it to drive SEO benefit.

In this webinar, Alexander Holl (CEO of 121WATT & Leader of German Advisory Board, SMX Munich), will show you how to use Google Analytics to drive SEO Benefit.

Webinar Timeline:

  • Universal Analytics & Organic Search Sources [4:50]

  • Detecting Spam Referrals & Bots [8:02]

  • 404 Reports for Detecting Lost Link Opportunities [17:44]

  • Creating an Alert for 404 Error Pages [23:50]

  • Reporting & Analyzing Panda [25:00]

  • Summary [40:22]