Google Analytics Data Mining with R (includes 3 Real Applications)

Jan 28, 2015 10 AM PST
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Data Analysts, Web Analysts, Digital Marketing Managers

R is already a Swiss army knife for data analysis largely due its 6000 libraries but until now it lacked an interface to the Google Analytics API. The release of RGoogleAnalytics library solves this problem.

What this means is that digital analysts can now fully use the analytical capabilities of R to fully explore their Google Analytics Data.

In this webinar, Andy Granowitz, ‎Developer Advocate (Google Analytics) & Kushan Shah, Contributor & maintainer of RGoogleAnalytics Library will show you how to use R for Google Analytics data mining & generate some great insights.

You’ll learn:

  • Why use R for data analysis?

  • How to get started with R + Google Analytics?

  • Example Use Case 1: Predicting product revenue with R

  • Example Use Case 2: Calculating long term value of marketing campaigns?

  • Example Use Case 3: Web Analytics Visualization through ggplot, much more!

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