Know where customers fail to convert – Measure your wins using Custom Funnels

January 18, 2017 04:00 PM IST
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Digital Marketers, Web Analysts, Business Analysts, Data Scientists, Anyone who knows Google Analytics and is curious to explore more

If you want to understand your customers’ actual behaviors and remarket to the right audience, Custom Funnels – a Google Analytics 360 feature – are the solution. But are they really useful?

Find out in our webinar “Know where customers fail to convert – Measure your wins using Custom Funnels”.

In just 45 minutes, through this webinar, you’ll gain insight on how to find out:

  • Why and Where users are failing to convert?

  • Can historical data be analyzed using funnels?

  • How to analyze custom funnels to discover several remarketing audience segments?

... plus, much more!

Join Jyot Patel, who leads a team of Google Analytics Consultants at Tatvic, in this free webinar, to understand where potential customers drop-off using visual representations of customers’ journey.

Only 20% of the marketers understand their customers, make sure you’re in that segment!

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