Collaborative Filtering

A way to turn your visitors into customers

Jul 31, 2013
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Director of Analytics from online retail stores, who are looking forward to understanding visitors in a better way, optimizing efforts to turn them into real customers.

Due to the large number of visitors and to the vast array of listed products, a well known problem that e-commerce stores usually face is to get their customers closer to the products that they are more likely to buy. Once the visitor is presented to those products that would make him turn into a customer, it would definitely increase the chances of a conversion, right?

And what are the mechanisms that can be implemented in order to ensure that this intended match will be there, when your visitor first lands to one of your pages? Well, you would definitely take collaborative filtering as your first option.

Collaborative filtering is a method to identify patterns of user interests based on web analytics tool data. Based on this data, you can make your predictions on which kind of product a certain sort of visitors is more likely to purchase. Having such prediction on your hands, you can then make your decisions and customize your website for such sort of customer.

From this webinar, you will get to know:

  • What is collaborative filtering

  • Why this mechanism holds a lot of value for you as an e-commerce retailer

  • How to employ collaborative filtering using R

  • Different ways in which collaborative filtering can help you drive you ecommerce efforts more effectively




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