How to perform churn analysis for your mobile application

Mar 19, 2014
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Web Analysts, Mobile Application Strategist, Mobile Application developers,

Is the behavior of your mobile application subscribers difficult to understand?

Does your mobile application has very high churn rate (uninstallation rate) or does the lack of active users on your application bothers you?

For every marketer of mobile application, acquiring new customers certainly requires more effort in terms of time and money. On the other hand, firm can always focus on maintaining existing customer base and gain maximum out of them. If this is the case, then predictive analysis will be the correct approach for this situation.

The primary goal of this webinar is to predict segment of Mobile application users,

  1. Who will uninstall the app

  2. Remain inactive (which will be also termed as a churner) for quite long time and are expected to churn.

Churn analysis is the approach by which we will predict the likelihood of this event to occur.

Our webinar covers:

  • How to extract data from Google Analytics using R

  • How to build churn model in R

  • Identifying the customer/subscriber segment that are classified based on past data pattern, who are likely to churn (Study customer behavior Patterns)

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