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As a Web Analytics Consulting Firm, We often encounter difficulties associated with ongoing reporting. By This service we design & develop reports which are based on most important KPIs for customer. We follow a specific process to achieve this. We work with your team to define the critical known & unknown areas where performance measurement is required. This is achieved by stakeholders interview and working closely with them to define the core measurement areas. Further, we design several dashboards that automatically updates data using Tatvic Google Analytics Excel Plugin or Omniture.


Page Importance Level Dashboard

This Dashboard provides insights about the most influential pages that can affect the purchases of your e-commerce store. The higher the PIL, the better value it provides in turning visitors into customers.


Tatvic E-commerce Dashboard

This Dashboard shows e-commerce revenue and sales figures for last 18 months with %changes. It also gives insights on important Goals and shows top keywords, products by revenue. Based on the data, it gives analysis and recommendations.


Funnel Dashboard

This Dashboard helps you determine a sequence of pages users visited before taking some desired action. . (i.e. sign up, purchase etc.). Based on this insight, you can decide which pages you need to optimize to improve the process.


Shopping Basket Analysis Dashboard

This Dashboard allows you to study the relationship between two products and understand if both the products are purchased together or were just complementary in nature. Refer this blogpost and whitepaper for more information.

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