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TV remains the most popular medium used by brands to reach out to their customers. A recent survey by eMarketer backs up this fact by data and investment in TV Media is forecasted to grow at an annual rate of 25% until 2017.

Even with such a high investment in TV Ad spend, the ROI equation is still an unsolved problem. The current measurement landscape still fails to accurately connect online and offline data and fails to give business an accurate picture of where how their top dollars help them acquire and engage customers.

Approach to Solution

We have developed an in-house innovative technique to truly integrate offline data of Your TV Advertisements with Google Analytics. This method uses advanced statistics to answer these questions -

  • Which TV Ad Spot had the highest impact on User Acquisition on your web property?
  • What was the duration of the impact of the Ad Spot?


The TV AD Tracking Analysis will help businesses optimize their TV Flights and thus enables a better ROI on your offline marketing. To learn more about it, watch our 45 minute webinar on Calculating the Impact of TV Advertisements on Web Traffic.

Increase in conversion rate
Client X thought they had web analytics covered for their online operations.But we had other ideas...

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