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Tatvic is an authorized Google Analytics Premium Reseller from India that ensures that your use of the GA Premium is maximized and optimized, both at the same time. When you choose Tatvic as a Google Analytics Premium Reseller you are choosing a reliable partner that has years of experience in the field of web analytics along with plethora of expertise. Not only you get the access to powerful features of GA Premium but also a privileged access to our Dedicated Account Manager.

Our Account Manager is a high level Google Analytics Expert who will there for you 24 * 7. He will work with you from the beginning to understand the metrics that matters most to your business & create the right digital measurement strategy for your website. Tatvic’s dedicated account manager and Powerful Features of GA Premium will set the right stage for your business to move from Data to Insights to Actions.


Faster Insights

High Processing Power -1 Billion Hits/ Month

Access to Data in 4 hours


Better Decisions

50 Custom Variables

Un-sampled Reports

Multi-Channel Attribution Modeling


Tag Management

Implementation of GTM for all your tracking needs


Dedicated Support & Training

Dedicated Account Manager

24 * 7 Support

Service Performance Guaranteed through SLA

In-depth Training for your team


Data export & ownership option with Big query


Whether you are an entrepreneur or a manager of an enterprise, GA Premium is there to fulfill all your analytical needs and to make sure that you get the best out of it Tatvic is there at your service 24/7.

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