Google Adwords Audit


PPC Audit process:

PPC review involves audit of Google Adwords, Yahoo Overture & MSN search center. When we carry out a PPC audit we follow a predefined process to evaluate the accounts. PPC Audit process starts from understanding audit objective, coverage and leading to data analysis.

During PPC review or PPC audit, following factors are considered:

  • Online advertising objective
  • Coverage of different advertising opportunity
  • Campaign / Ad group structure
  • Keyword & Landing page research for quality score
  • Integration with Google Analytics / Google Website Optimizer
  • Landing page evaluation for quality score

PPC Audit Report – What you will get?

An in depth report which clarifies your implementation based on accuracy, actionability and consistency of data. It will have potentially following sections:

  1. One page executive summary of possible improvements of AdWords account
  2. Tactical / Process changes in management of AdWords account
  3. Strategic changes for your AdWords account
  4. Summary of estimated benefits v/s efforts for all changes
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Who should attend

Data Analysts, Web Analysts, Digital Marketing Managers