About Tatvic Excel Add-in

What is "Tatvic Google Analytics Excel Plugin"?

Tatvic Google Analytics Excel Plugin is a Microsoft Excel Plugin which helps users retrieve their data stored in their GA account. This data will be populated in their Excel sheets.

What problem does GA Excel Plugin Solve?

Power Users of Google Analytics are not satisfied just by exploring the data in the Google Analytics UI. They need to go ahead and analyze this data. With the help of Tatvic GA Excel Plugin, these extensive users can now get all their Google Analytics data into excel spreadsheet. And here they can analyze the data immediately analyze the data after extraction using the plugin.

What kind of reports can I see in GA-Excel Plugin?

Users can configure reports based on their needs for data retrieval. User can select maximum 7 dimensions, 10 metrics and 5 filters at any given time. Here are some sample reports and dashboards

What are the major features of Tatvic GA Excel Plugin?

  • Quickly and efficiently import Google Analytics data into Microsoft Excel
  • User can use 7 dimensions and 10 metrics combinations along with 5 filters additionally
  • Users can select dynamic Dates and Profile names from any cell in Microsoft Excel
  • Users can query multiple GA profiles for their dashboards using a single Excel Plugin Interface
  • User can change the input parameters and refresh the worksheet to get updated data without re-writing the whole query again
  • Users can query both their Adwords account and Analytics account and integrate this data into their dashboards

Why should I use Tatvic GA-Excel Plugin?

If your reporting is based on Google Analytics data, using Tatvic GA-Excel Plugin you can save lot of time putting together the dashboard for your management team and also have it auto refresh at any given point. Tatvic Excel Plugin allows you to select 7 Dimensions and 10 Metrics together and also 5 Filters plugging further to your analytics capability.

Is installation for Tatvic GA-Excel Plugin 2010 and 2013 same or different?

  1. Download the MSI for Tatvic Excel Plugin
  2. Install the Downloaded MSI by following through the steps in the Wizard

For Excel 2010 users: Once you open Excel 2010, the Tatvic Excel Plugin would be visible in the Developer Tab in the Office Ribbon

For Excel 2013 users: Minor Configuration would be required in order to configure Excel Plugin in the Developer Tab. The steps are outlined in detail in this video.

Do I get unsampled data if I have GA premium account?

No. As of now you would get sampled data as you see in GA web interface. However, we are working to get unsampled data from premium account.

Tool Compatibility & Pricing Plan

Does it support MS-Office Excel 64-bit?

Yes, For now tool supports Ms-Office Excel 32-bit & 64 bit in 2007/2010/2013/2016.

Does it support Mac?

No, the Tool doesn't support MAC right now.

What do I get in the Forever Free plan?

Tatvic GA Excel Plugin’s Forever Free plan can be used for any one profile with full features.

How much does it cost?

Please check our Pricing plans for that information.

Known errors and Common Issues (Tatvic Add-in v2.x)

On opening Excel, It shows an error message: "Object library invalid or contains references to object definitions that could not be found"

  • Close all the other Microsoft Office Applications.
  • Delete all the ".exd" files. These files should be located in the folder: %APPDATA%\Microsoft\Forms

This should help you solve your error

Missing library reference

Some libraries have not been loaded. Don’t worry. Here is how you can reload them:

  • Open your Excel
  • Click on developer tab from your Excel Ribbon. If it's not available in Ribbon then:
    • Step 1 - Click on MS Office Button
    • Step 2 - Click on Excel Options
    • Step 3 - Click on Popular
    • Step 4 - Click on Show Developer Tab in the Ribbon check box
    • Step 5 - Click on Ok
  • You will find a "Controls" Section. Here click on "View code" button which will be on right side of "Design Mode" button
  • This will open a MS-VBA window.
  • Click on "Tools" in menu, Select "References"
  • Check whether the following libraries are selected or not. If not, then please select it and click on "OK"


  • Now close the MS-VBA window and restart excel

Runtime error 5

If you were registered for v2.4 or previous version and then you have registered for the v2.5 or higher the following error is likely to occur. Here if you have entered the credentials of the v2.4 in setup of v2.5 or higher, the Runtime error 5 will occur.

I am getting errors apart from above listed errors/issue in excel tool.

You can send us error message or error screenshot with the description on khushboo@tatvic.com. Also, please let us know version of the Tool you are using, System OS and MS-Office (Office 2007/2010/2013 and 32-bits/64-bits).

I don't see Tatvic GA Plug-in in the Excel Toolbar?

This tool works with Excel 2007, 2010 and higher versions of Microsoft excel. Please ensure you check and enable Macros for smooth installation.

Known errors and Common Issues (Tatvic Add-in v1.x)

How to uninstall GA-Client (Tatvic Excel Add-in v1.0)?

Please follow these instructions.

Resources & Feedback

I want to try out the Tatvic Excel tool without actually downloading it!

Checkout this 2 minute interactive demo of Tatvic Excel plugin.

I want some sample dashboards to/for refer/creating new dashboard using Tatvic Excel tool

You can download dashboard from here.

I want latest version of Tatvic Excel tool

You can download latest version from here.

Where can I find more resources for Tatvic GA Excel Plugin?

You can view videos about Tatvic GA Excel Plugin here.

I have subscribed for the Pro/Premium Plan and I want to register for training.

You can mail us (on khushboo@tatvic.com) with your username, preferable time and the subject related to GA for the training before a week.

I have suggestion/feedback to share with you for this tool.

You can share it with us via our community page. We would be happy to hear from you.

I signed up but didn't receive the login credentials

Please check your spam folders and if you’re using Gmail on the web, please check the Social, Promotions, Updates and Forums tabs as well.

If you can’t find it, please send an email to khushboo@tatvic.com and we'll resend your credentials to you.

Do you store or have access to my Google analytics data?

Absolutely not. Excel Plugin establishes a connection between your desktop, laptop or server and various databases and file types, including the Google Analytics API. The data is sent from the source to your machine and is never captured or read by us. You can read more about our data usage policy here.


"Tatvic Excel Plugin is one of the most helpful pieces of software I have discovered to help with efficiency in our company. It has saved us almost 50 hours a month"

--Mckenzie Clough (Rentping Media)

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