Excel Addin Calculator

Why should you use Google Analytics Excel Add-in

Tatvic Google Analytics Excel Add-in is a tool to create Anlaytics Dashboards which are combination of different reports in Google Analytics.Use this calculator to know how much time would you be able to save if you used GA Excel Add-in instead of Google Anlaytics website.


1. How many Dashboards do you create every month?

e.g. 2 (two), 1 Campaign dashboard + 1 E-commerce dashboard




2. How frequently do you update these Dashboards/Month?

e.g. 3 (three), 2 update per month for a campaign dashboard + one update per month for an e-commerce dashboard




3. How many reports do you download to make a Dashboard?

e.g. Enter 4,if you require 4 reports for a dashboard



What does this calculator do?

This Calculator tells you how much time you can save by using the Excel Add-In.

It’s important to know especially when you are deciding to buy it.

Just answer these questions to know how much time you can save per month.