Enhanced Ecommerce



Understand exactly where your visitors are leaving you

A very big portion of visitors leave your site after starting check out. You don’t know anything about them until now. Insert Enhanced Ecommerce & now you can not only understand which stage in the checkout process has a problem, but also you can immediately act upon it using remarketing.

Customizable funnel for check out process

You can create customizable funnels for different ways people can check out with and generate understanding of what steps in check out process if optimized will yield higher revenue.


Improvise the Product Management

With additional data points like Product Detail Views, Products Added, Cart-to- Detail ratio, Buy-to-Detail ratio, your product management can become extremely effecting knowing if your shipping is too expensive, or are there products which are really valuable for users but your store isn’t promoting them enough.

Improve Merchandising Effectiveness

You can now measure effectiveness of your coupons very easily by knowing which coupons convert better. For e.g. does 10% discount convert better or does $9 off on purchase of $90 works better. Additionally, you can also import product refunds data & learn more about which products are being returned more frequently so that you can take initiatives to reduce the returns.


10 New Reports Available

Ecommerce Overview

Shopping Behavior


Checkout Behavior

Product List Performance


Sales Performance

Product Performance


Internal Promotions

Affiliate Code


Product Coupons

Order Coupons


Service Design Methodology

GTM & Data-layer implementation

Tatvic Account Manager will work with you & provide you document as to how to implement GTM & create Data layer for your Ecommerce website.


Enhanced Ecommerce implementation

An Implementation specialist from Tatvic will carry out implementation to generate reports for Enhanced Ecommerce. Tatvic team will also ensure that a thorough QA is carried out to ensure accuracy of data.


Reports overview, Training, Custom settings & Sign off

Tatvic Account Manager will provide you overview of data collected using Enhanced Ecommerce, & provide training for using Enhanced Ecommerce for data analytics. Your AM will also show you the custom settings & will request a sign off from a project.




    Current Ecommerce store must have universal analytics implemented

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