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A lead generation website generally has variety of resources to offer education to potential site visitors like industry articles, videos, demos, webinars etc. The purpose of providing such resources on site are educating customers, spreading information, and eventually converting them as lead. Many of these resources may contribute in lead generation independently or combining with each other in differentproportion. Our aim behind this analysis is to find out which resources are helping in lead generation & their extent of their contribution to the end goal of the website i.e. lead generation.

Approach to Solution

We implement advance tracking using Google Tag manager & collect the data of how different type of content is being consumed on the website. This will lead us to identify common sequence in which content is being consumed & the impact of each individual content type as well.


Once the data collection is completed we identify the content that is most likely to prompt users to convert. In advance analysis, we also carry out the content effectiveness attribution to identify sequence in which content is consumed. This can provide an insight into prioritization of content building & structuring the content on the site that has higher impact on end conversion rate. We also create remarketing list when integrated with Adwords to convert these visitors who are most likely to convert after they have consumed high converting content. We also carry out 3-5 A/B tests to restructure content eventually to improve lead conversion rate.


Increase in conversion rate
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