Churn Analysis for Mobile App



Marketers spend huge amount of time & money in acquiring new users for their mobile app. But if people uninstall your app soon after downloading it, all the efforts in acquiring the new user gets wasted. Churn analysis for your mobile app helps you understand the behaviour of users who will uninstall your mobile app. Additionally, it predicts the likelihood of occurrence of such event in future. This enables you to take necessary engagement actions in order to retain existing users.

Approach to Solution

Using logistic regression technique we build model which predict the user who is going to uninstall/install your app. To predict churn we use Google Analytics data as independent variables and based on that we predict the dependent variable whether existing user will churn or not.


As an outcome of the analysis, we will classify your mobile app users into two different segments: users who are likely to churn in near future & users who will continue to use your app. Post Analysis you will have clear understanding of users who are going to uninstall your app & will help you create a targeted engagement strategy to retain existing users.


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