How we Helped a Telecom Giant Collect Better Data & Make Better Decisions


Client Background

Our Client is a Leading Global Telecommunication company with operations in 20 different countries across Asia & Africa. Our Client offers 2G, 3G & 4G wireless services, mobile commerce, fixed line services & broadband services to its customers in India. The company ranks among the top 4 mobile service providers in terms of Subscribers in India.


A large Indian Telecom company was struggling to manage different Google Analytics (GA) account created by different agency for their variety of domains. Multiple campaigns were run by different agency and there was no unified way of looking at visitor profile. The data was disorganized in GA and was hard for the client to take business decisions based on the data. Additionally, different GA properties made it difficult for our client to understand visitor behavior across different domains.

Moreover the campaigns required change in website code which resulted into working with Client’s IT Team and slowing the campaign changes.

Approach to Solution

Tatvic initiated Audit of all 14 web properties & converted all the web properties under single GA umbrella account by removing individual GA Codes from all different domains. Under a single GA account, individual GA Profiles were created which allowed our client to view & understand the user behavior across their multiple domains.

Tatvic also pushed usage of Google Tag Manager to be implemented on all domains & all pages of website.


With use of Tag Manager and customizations that Tatvic team carried out management now could see more accurate data, a unified view of customer’s journeys across multiple domains. The digital marketing team could also increase their response time to react to different campaigns resulting as the campaign scripts are managed using tag manager. Additionally, Tag Manager helped in ensuring accurate data as well as less dependency on IT team for changes.

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